The Lakeland School mission is to motivate and support students to reach their personal potential by offering an individualized education in a safe and nurturing environment.

We do this by:

  • hiring high quality teachers and staff
  • maintaining small class sizes
  • focusing on the needs of the whole child
  • crafting a challenging curriculum individualized to meet each child’s unique needs
  • creating a safe, happy and supportive environment
  • utilizing ongoing, personal communication with students and families


The Lakeland School believes:

  • all students deserve an individualized education
  • in the education of the whole child, including academic, social, emotional and physical growth
  • in upholding strong standards of academic excellence
  • school should be an extension of home where children feel safe and valued
  • in open channels of communication between students, families and teachers
  • that each individual brings great ideas to our learning community
  • in equipping our teachers and students with current, high-quality resources
  • teachers need opportunities for growth through professional development and on-going self and peer assessment
  • our school and local community should benefit from one other – a symbiotic relationship



Let each become all that he was created capable of being. Expand, if possible, to his full growth, and show himself at length in his own shape and stature, be these what they may be.”

-Thomas Carlyle